Regiment Gold Jersey

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Introducing the Fabric of Regiment Gold. 

By upgrading to a Regiment Gold Membership you will receive this exclusive Regiment Gold Jersey or Regiment Gold Patch.

This jersey and patch will uniquely identify you as a member of our Regiment Gold program, joining the ranks of the most loyal of our fanbase.

Featuring our Regiment Gold colorway, this jersey rounds out the Growlers family of sweaters and stands alongside our existing Sable Chief Black and Iceberg White jersey set. The Growlers Logo is predominately featured on the chest, framed in Regiment Gold, and is perfectly complemented by a stack of White and Black near the cuff and the bottom of the jersey. The shoulders are trimmed elegantly in black with ample room for shoulder patches.

The omission of shoulder patches is by design. This jersey is meant to tell a story, your story, through our new Regiment Gold Patch Program. This program will feature a unique and ever-evolving series of patches that can be collected and affixed to your Regiment Gold Jersey so that you can showcase those memorable Growlers moments that are most important to you. More information about our Regiment Gold Patch Program will be released soon.

This jersey will be worn by Growlers players during select home games that celebrate our Regiment Gold Members. More information on when the Growlers will wear these jerseys will be released in our promo schedule in the coming weeks. 


How do I upgrade to Regiment Gold to ensure that I qualify for a jersey?

When you fill out our season ticket request form, ensure that you select the "Regiment Gold Upgrade" option and identify how many tickets on your account that you wish to upgrade. 

When will I receive my Regiment Gold Jersey?

Regiment Gold Jerseys will be delivered to fans at an exclusive event in January.

What size do they come in?

Regiment Gold Jerseys will be fixed in both youth and adult sizing. Youth Small to XL and Adult Small to XXXL.

I didn't upgrade to Regiment Gold but am a season ticket holder, can I still upgrade?

Yes, contact to speak to a ticketing representative and they will assist you.

I want two season tickets but only one jersey or patch - is that possible?

Yes, when you fill out your season ticket request form, after you selected two tickets in your desired seating area, just add one Regiment Gold Upgrade to your order.