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Completion of this application must be done by the Sports Director/Editor or team scout. A confirmation email listing pick-up information will be sent to the Sports Director/Editor once it is approved. Please submit requests AT LEAST 24 hours prior to the game.

For more credential information, please contact Ken O'leary at

Due to ECHL COVID-19 protocols, all media members must be vaccianted (and provide proof) to avail of any in-person media activites. The Growlers organzaion will make virtual opportunites available upon request. 

During the 2021-22 Season, all media access to Players and Authorized Hockey Personnel will be conducted through virtual or distanced means, unless Media has shown proof of Vaccination to the Member Team.

  • Media must be masked at all times when in vicinity of Players and Authorized Hockey Personnel
  • Member Teams will provide a media room at the facility, where a socially distanced Authorized Hockey Personnel individual will conduct media interviews via a mobile device or a distance of greater of 6 feet, including use of a boom microphone if necessary.

Pressbox seating is reserved for approved scouting staff and working media only.