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ST. JOHNS, NL – Deacon Sports and Entertainment (DSE) would like to update fans, sponsors, and the public of our position and the ongoing dispute between St. John’s Sports and Entertainment Ltd. (SJSEL) and St. John’s City Council.
Based on the actions of SJSEL and St. John’s City Council, irreparable financial, operational, and reputational harm has been caused to DSE. Undoubtedly, there will be a significant direct and indirect cost to taxpayers, employees, and downtown business by this suspension. Yesterday, DSE has served a Notice of Default under the lease. DSE expects its damages to be in the millions of dollars.
DSE has been penalized without procedural fairness. There was simply no legal mechanism for SJSEL to suspend the current lease agreement and bar DSE from Mary Browns Centre.
DSE unequivocally denies any breach of the Safe Workplace Agreement and questions the motivation for such drastic decision-making. DSE management sought action from SJSEL to fulfill obligations required under the current lease agreement, however, respectful advocacy for accountability should not be confused with inappropriate workplace conduct. DSE has reason to believe that the outstanding operational deficiencies would have prevented SJSEL to fulfill the obligations of opening night for the Growlers on November 5, 2021.
DSE management has little direct interaction with Mary Browns Centre staff and addressed disputed issues with SJSEL management only. We thank the Mary Browns Centre staff, DSE sympathizes with all the front-line employees who we view as friends and colleagues.
Further updates will be communicated on our website at and shared on our social media channels as they become available.

Attached Files - Notice of Default 


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